Request For Bail Reduction: 3 Ways A Bail Bondsman Can Help At A Bail Reduction Hearing

If you have been charged with a crime, posting bail is one of the only ways available to get temporary freedom; however, bail can be quite expensive. The average bail for felonies is set at $55,400. If you cannot afford bail, you can request a bail reduction hearing. At the bail reduction hearing, you can request for the bail bondsman to testify on your behalf. Here are 3 ways that a bail bondsman may be able to help you get your bail reduced.

Assurance of Ability to Perform Fugitive Recovery Work

Almost all bail bondsman have some type of experience at fugitive recovery work. After all, if their client doesn't show up, they could be out of a lot of money. With that being said, if the bail bondsman that you have chosen has excellent fugitive recovery success, then there's a good chance that the judge may consider reducing your bail due to the fact that the bail bondsman will be able to highly likely find you if you decide to flee.

Opinion Regarding the Defendant

Before taking on a client, most bail bondsman will do extensive research on their client. This includes familiarizing with the crime that the client is being charged with and even interviewing or speaking with their client's family members and friends. Most bail bondsmen will also request for more personal information, such as their client's pay stub or more details surrounding what type of job their client does for a living.

With all of the research that has been done, a judge will normally accept testimony that a bail bondsman gives of his or her opinion on the defendant's character and flight risk. The bail bondsman will testify regarding the defendant's job, family ties and even reputation in the community to prove that the defendant is not likely to flee.

Paperwork Specifying a Bond of a Specific Amount Based on Value of Assets

If the bond is much more than what you can afford, the bail bondsman may draft up paperwork specifying a more reasonable bond amount that is more affordable in your situation. This paperwork needs to be approved by an insurance company. On top of presenting the paperwork to the judge, the bail bondsman will also be responsible for justifying the reduced amount. For example, the amount specified may be the market value of your home. In short, if you become a fugitive, you would lose all assets under your name.


When you request a reduced bail amount at a bail reduction hearing, there's no harm in asking your bail bondsman to testify on your behalf. Their testimony may be key in swaying the judge to reduce your bail. Contact a business, such as Bail Bond BY Affordable Bonding, for more information.