Bail Bonds: A Primer

A bail bond can help you out of a sticky situation. However, if you've never been to jail, or have yet to experience helping a friend or loved one procure a bondsman, then there's undoubtedly a few questions you have. Throughout the brief course of this article, you will learn a bit about the process of procuring a bail bond.

You Might Qualify For Payments Plants

When a judge sets bail, this does not mean you have to pay 100% of the amount. Rather, you will be required to pay for 10% of the bail. In most cases, you will even be able to reclaim the amount that you paid on bail after your time in court is complete. However, a good deal of people that have bail set for them do not even have the 10% required to be released. However, when you pay for a bail bond, you might qualify to be set on an installment plan. The lender, or bondsman as he or she is frequently referred to, will set up a monthly payment plan in which you will pay off the amount owed over a period of time. This amount owed generally has interest attached to it.

Verifying A Bondsman's License

A bondsman must be licensed in the state in which he or she is practicing or lending. Unlike a great deal of lenders, this is an absolute necessity in every state. However, some state practices differ from others and some states have different methods of verifying the legitimacy of a bondsman's license. For example, in Arkansas, all bondsmen must register through the state and their legitimacy is posted as a document on a website that allows you to peruse all registered bondsmen in the state. If you cannot find a particular bondsmen on this document, then he or she is not registered with the state.

Anyone Can Pay The Price Of Your Bond

There are no restrictions on who can pay the fees imposed by a bail bondsman. This means that family, friends, or even completely strangers can pay the fee to a bondsman that will release you from jail. This is important since you will not be able to directly interact with a bail bondsman in jail, and will have to use the phone in order to contact a friend or loved one.

Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how a bail bondsman can help you if you find yourself in jail. Contact a company like All Star Bail Bonds for more information.