Simple Tips For Safe Mobile Credit Card Processing

These days, people do business in all kinds of ways, ways that don't always revolve around the typical brick and mortar type of establishment. If you are one such business, then there's a good chance that you will take advantage of mobile credit card processing technology, such as devices that allow you to run a credit card through your phone or other mobile device. And, whether you're selling tacos out of a food truck or peddling pottery at the local craft fair, you want to ensure that your customers and their private information stays safe and secure. Not doing so could harm or even ruin your business and your reputation. Fortunately, however, there are many things you can do to increase security while still enjoying the use of mobile credit card processing technology.

Put a Passcode On Your Device

Nowadays, almost all mobile phones and other mobile devices allow you to require a passcode in order to gain entry to your device and to any information that has been stored on it. As a responsible business owner and merchant, you should absolutely take advantage of and use this feature. Use it on all of your devices all of the time; no excuses!

Choose a passcode that is not easy to guess, typically something that contains a random combination of numbers and/or letters not relevant to you. For example, don't choose your birthday or your last name as the passscode.

Having this little extra piece of security will ensure that, even if your device gets lost or stolen, all the information that has ever been entered into it will be more secure.

Be Careful About Downloads

In addition to having a passcode for your device, you should also exercise discretion in terms of what applications or other programs you download onto your device. Only download apps or programs from reputable, legitimate sites.

There are many illegitimate programs out there that contain "scam" software, which can hijack information processed via your device. As such, exercise caution when downloading anything and run virus software on a regular basis.

Use Quality Software

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, only use mobile credit card processing programs that are fully legitimate and legal. Research any program that you are considering using thoroughly to ensure that it is legitimate.

Your good name and the safety of your patrons and their information is more important than using free or cheap software. In short, take the information you are entrusted with seriously, and treat it with care in every possible way. Work with a company, like Midwest Payment Processing, for even more help.