Helpful Tips For Using A Bail Bonds Service

Does the thought of possibly having to go to jail make you feel hopeless because you don't have the funds to post bail? If you have a court hearing coming up that is likely to end with you going to jail, the best thing that you can do before then is to prepare to work with a bails bonds service that can get you out in a timely manner. The article below will give you more insight on how to prepare to get out of jail with assistance from a bail bonds service.

1. Make a List of Bail Bonds Services

You must keep in mind that not all bail bonds services will offer you the same benefits. It is important to research a few bail bonds services before your hearing date arrives so you will know who to call. For instance, there are some bail bonds agencies that will accept collect calls if you need the service after you have already used your free call. There are also agencies that might give you a discount on the fees charged if you are a first-time offender. Making a list of bail bonds services will also give you the peace of mind that you can receive the financial help that is needed, as some agencies will only offer assistance for certain types of crimes.

2. Find a Reliable Indemnitor

An indemnitor is basically just a person that can co-sign for your bail bonds application to be processed. The indemnitor will have to confirm that he or she will be responsible for paying a certain percentage of the bond fee if you don't keep up with court dates after you are released. If you become a fugitive, the indemnitor can become responsible for the full amount of bail, so make sure that you abide by the law upon release. You might want to ask the person chosen as the co-signer if he or she has anything that could be used as collateral for the application if it is needed. For instance, anything of value or a credit card may be sufficient for use as collateral.

3. Don't Make Any Plans to Skip Town

The worst thing that you can do after a bail bonds services gets you out of jail is skip town. No matter how afraid you may feel about having to go back to jail after attending court, it is wise for you to stay in town. Skipping town will only lead to bounty hunters going after you, definite jail time, and the inability to post bail again. Contact a bail bonds service at any time of the day or night if it becomes necessary. Contact a business, such as Absolute Bail Bonds, for more information.