Tips For Managing Your Money When Using Payday Loans

If you have decided to get a payday loan, you likely need the money as soon as possible in order to pay off an unexpected expense, such as a car repair payment or a hospital bill. If you don't get a good rate ahead of time and manage your money during the interim period, there might be a chance that you have a difficult time paying back your loan. Here are some tips for managing your money so that you can use your payday loan as quickly as possible.

1. Get a Personal Loan if Your Credit Score is Good and a Payday Loan if Your Score is Lacking

Check your credit score online using any of the free credit score checkers. Try using two different websites in order to make sure that you have relatively accurate information. Then, talk to a lender that specializes in personal loans. Tell that lender your credit score and see if he or she would be willing to lend to you. If your credit score is good enough, you might end up saving a great deal of money by simply getting a personal loan since the interest tends to be lower.I

If your credit score is too low for a personal loan, then start shopping for payday loan places. You want to be sure that you get the lowest interest rate possible. Go to three or four locations or simply call them on the phone. Be sure that you stress that you are a first time borrower and ask if they have any special rates for you.

2. Pay As Much of the Loan Off as Possible With Your Next Paycheck

You need to try to be sure that you pay as much as the loan off as possible as soon as you get your next paycheck. This is a priority ranking above everything but basic necessities. You will be able to save yourself a ton of money on interest if you can pay the loan back within a few weeks, allowing you to not be affected by carrying debt.

3. Stash Away Money You Don't Need

If you have $200, your hospital bill is $500 and your payday lender won't give you anything less than $400, be sure that you stash the extra $100 that you have to help pay back the loan. By putting this extra money out of sight, you will be able to resist spending it. You want to resist spending it in order to make sure that you have the money you need to pay off the loan right away.

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