How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail With No Money

When a person is picked up by the police and is brought to jail, that person typically will remain behind bars until the court either releases the person after the case is settled or until the person pays the required bail. Therefore, getting out of jail either requires staying there for a period of time to face the charges or paying money to get out. What happens, though, if a person wants to get out of jail with bail but does not have any money? Can a person get out without any cash? It may be harder to get out without cash, but it is not impossible. Here are the options the person has in this situation.

Ask the Court to Drop the Bail

One of the methods you could consider using in this situation involves petitioning the court to drop the bail. The legal term for this is called being released on your own recognizance (ROR), and anyone could ask this of the court. The court, however, does not always approve requests for this. They will carefully evaluate the situation first, and one of the main things they look for is a person's flight risk. They also look at a person's criminal history and the severity and nature of the crime in question. If the court approves it, the person would be released from jail without paying a dime. Unfortunately, this is not an option that works well for all cases. If this does not work, there is another method that might.

Use a Bail Bondsman

The other method involves the use of a third party called a bail bond agency. While a bail bond agency normally requires a person to pay an upfront fee that is not refundable, most agencies offer alternative types of payment plans. The main option if you have no cash is to give the agency something you own that has value. A car title is an example. Other examples include electronics, jewelry, and guns. If you can offer things like this that are worth money, the agency will allow you to pay the required fee over time and will give you the items back after you settle up completely.

As you can see, there are ways to get out of jail without coming up with any cash on the spot. If you have questions about getting someone out of jail without any cash, talk to a bail bond agency like All Night & Day Bailbonds today.